Monday, July 23, 2012

Howdy! My name is Yoko and this my website. I created this page as a project specially for Creative Writing, --an ESL and Website Development course. If you would like to contact me, fill up the contact form found on this page. Below is my Curriculum vitae, and some examples of websites and articles or blog posts I made perversely.

Graduated with honors from University of Toronto
15 years of content creation experience (specifically for Internet based customers)
6 years of web design experience.
Dedicated, self-motivated employee with a taste for details.

Employment Experience.
Creative Writing,2007 - Present
General Manager
In charge of organizing a international group of internet writers to suit a multifaceted range of growth goals and objectives.
- Make new records for productivity, developing production by 20% throughout the world
- Correctly handled successive logs of task distribution
- Operated QA for global development over a large group of internet writers

Self-employed Wp Website Designer

Additional Abilities
Proficient in Indonesian
Outstanding competence using a numerous choice of office software

Some of my work can be found here:

Foreign Ladies

The said spousal commerce is somewhat insulting for other people but to some who already had their foreign ladies and are contentedly satisfied do... Click here to continue..

Looking For People

This will definitely make you feel bad and disappointed. However, if you have money, you can use the paid services offered by these websites.   You should be careful enough in taking advantage of the people search services offered by different websites so that you can avoid getting scammed. Do not let them charge the credit card you have without you, knowing it. You can search in a variety of ways such as by names, by email addresses, by... Continue reading..

Dictionary Definition

Humans have very inquisitive minds. Notice how young kids these days ask a lot of questions to their caretakers or everyone else around them for that matter. Their brains process the simple things with great complexity that as... Find out more...

English French Dictionary

When using the dictionary sometimes you’ll encounter words that are difficult to translate or may have no equivalent French word. While on the other hand, there are also words in English that have so much French translation. Aside from books there are also free tools online that you can use to improve your French vocabulary. It can help you translate words by... Source..

English To French Translation

The online translator can help you in translating some articles or other stuff that are written in a different language. When you come across some sites that are in French, the online translator can be used. French is said to be... Click here to read more..

English To Italian

It also makes people understand their own culture and identity. A very good language that anyone can learn is Italian. For beginners, translating English to Italian might be a challenge. Any language, upon initial hearing, is always complicated. Learning another language takes time and effort. But there are... Click here to read more..

French To English Translation

There are many types of tools and services online that provide French to English translation. The level of translation depends largely on... To read more click here...

Russian Words

In Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, there are 160 million recorded native speakers of this language. It ranks 4th in terms of the total number of speakers.Russian is considered as one of the United Nations’ six official languages. There are several languages that contain a number of words borrowed from Russian including English. Some of these borrowed... Read more..

Spelling Activities

In order for people to improve their spelling skills and comprehension, they have to engage in different spelling activities to improve themselves. A lot of people will say that this foundation needs to be strengthened in as early as childhood. When the child goes to school, teachers often do different spelling drills in a... Find out more...

Synonym Dictionary

There are thousands of words that have the same or similar in meaning. You can find all that in the synonym dictionary. These synonyms have lots of uses for those who are into writing. You might find the synonym dictionary very useful... Continue reading..

Adult High School

There are now school that caters to these adults. An adult high school offers the chance to adults especially to those who are working to earn their high school diploma. These schools are capable of administering adult education. Teachers in these schools are specifically trained since teaching adults is not similar to teaching growing children and teens. There are different education programs that these high schools offer. The lessons being taught are not necessarily similar to those... To read more click here...

APA Format Title Page

It also specifies certain rules on properly formatting every title page of a research work. An APA format title page must be inclusive of the four essential elements including the running head, title of the paper, the author byline as well as institutional... More on this site..

Automotive Engineering Schools

The university not just provides automotive engineering degrees and lead the majority of its graduate students in to big auto companies, but in addition features degrees in automotive industry management, bringing its students straight into company positions in the higher management levels of the car industry. Purdue University Having a college mascot... Source..

Chicago Style Citation Generator

Sometimes referred to as ‘humanities style’, the notes/bibliography style is generally used to cite sources through endnotes or footnotes and a bibliography. Also called ‘social scientific/sciences style’, the author/date style cites... To read more click here...

College Requirements

An admission is therefore taken if you have complied with the list of requirements. There are colleges and universities that... Find out more...

College Requirements

College education is not for everybody. Although it is important, some students do not pursue college education after graduating from high school. But for those of you who would want to get a college degree,... Source..

Colleges In Ontario

Going to college in Ontario, Canada is one of the many ways that you can do to secure your future. There are many colleges in Ontario that offers quality education that will surely develop your skills, knowledge and attitude. Your long years in high school had finally ended... Source of information..

Cool Math Games

All the cool math games out there typically have some digital variation available on the internet so if you want to expand you mind take the time and have a look at them and see which one challenges you. It seems not so long ago that the only cool math games were uninteresting variations using flash cards. There was the occasional great piece of electronic equipment which would have... Click here to continue..

CPT Practice Test

The basic purpose of the College Placement Test is to measure the skills of the student in terms of reading and comprehension and also for the subjects English and Math. These schools just want to make sure that the students’ skills are at a college level so that they will be able to perform well in their college studies. Other colleges also use the placement test to determine which appropriate course is best suitable... Find out more...

CPT Test

Also, not all colleges require a CPT but if a college mandates all applicants to take a placement exam, then the person must be able to get a passing score in order to be considered for enrollment. Most schools that require a CPT test upon admission of students usually use the results... Source..